PTSA Officers

The proposed officers for the 2020-21 school year are:

President: Sarah Olaes
Vice President: Open
Secretary: Fawn Treme
Treasurer: Sonia Desai
Parliamentarian and Past President: Cheryl Connick
Auditor: Open
Membership: Open
Communications: Albert Tan

Please join us at the final meeting of the school year and vote on our Slate.


President – Cheryl Connick

Vice President – open

Secretary – Sarah Olaes

Treasurer Sonia Desai

Membership – Bren Curtis

Auditor – Fawn Treme

Parliamentarian – Christine Strena

Faculty Liaison –  open

Historian – open

Student Historian – open

PTSA Web updates–  Albert Tan

Positions still open: (please contact PTSA if you are interested and you can be appointed by the Board at an upcoming meeting)